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I will make you gay

Playing with inks.

Posted by ruby_fruit on 2006.05.18 at 20:57
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Current Music: Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings
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I like this style, nice and stark and graphical.

LionCollapse )

Moon bearCollapse )

I will make you gay

The Romance of Reynard the Fox - inks

Posted by ruby_fruit on 2006.01.29 at 02:46
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Current Music: Depeche Mode - John the Revelator
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Only not.Collapse )

This song? Is LOVE. It makes me want someone to do do a remake of Jesus Christ Superstar.

I will make you gay

Pokemon fanart

Posted by ruby_fruit on 2006.01.25 at 00:45
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Yes, you read the subject line right.Collapse )

I will make you gay

Cat sketches

Posted by ruby_fruit on 2006.01.24 at 02:27
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Current Music: Shawn Colvin - The Facts About Jimmy
First post. Ooooh, scintillating.


Sorry, kinda punchy.

It occurred to me that I've never posted any raw sketch stuff. Mostly because I don't thing something scribbled in the margin of a notebook will be all that interesting to anyone. But I've been told differently a few times, so what do I know?

These are sketches of my cats being lazy arses, are maybe one inch tall, and took around a minute, total. The two on the bottom are of Phoenix, the rotund one at the bottom right is Paris, and the startled, half done one at the top is Salem, who is the Miss Piggy of felines, and bolted the second she caught me eyeballing her. Micron pen on cheap notebook paper.